Traditional versus digital marketing

There is no doubt today that digital marketing has a strong presence. Digital tools like websites, apps, social media, online payments, online shopping, google adwords, SEO and online analytics, there are many areas for a current day marketing manager to be wary of.
However what about the strength, recognition and association of a brand and its role with digital marketing.

There are still some brands that ignore digital marketing and choose to just focus on their production and relationships with current customers. These brands include Augustiner Beer (southern Germanys most famous beer), Rolex and Rolls Royce. These three brands are premium products within their market, yet as a part of their marketing mix they continue to use traditional marketing methods, such as print advertising, event sponsorship and focus on delivering their product as the highest levels of quality. They are examples of a company or product not having to rely on digital marketing, whilst still having sustainable revenue.

Digital tools are easily available and users are encouraged by the service to provide to post, add, like, upgrade and continue to use their “digital offering”. This can feel like creating a false need to have to use their “thing” in order to add additional content to the cloud, and for what purpose?

Marketing managers and business owners need to ensure their digital activity supports their business and marketing strategy and they’re not just playing the digital game to be seen. Overly seen brands with little content or substance have little utility for most (similar concept is Melbourne’s socialite Brit Edelsten on TV). Overexposure with no purpose, except for being seen almost decreases a brands value. One such marketing example would be Australian telecommunications company Telstra’s use of advertising on Facebook. Telstra from my own experience has terrible customer service. This company has great market capitalisation. The company recently posted ads on Facebook and receives much unwanted attention as hundreds of Facebook users publicly posted insults to the company. Overall result, negative.

In summary, Team Marketing believes there needs be a consideration of several factors before deploying digital marketing activity such as:

1. What is the intention of the business; rapid or steady growth or to rebuild?

2. What are our current customers expectations and our current customer service levels?

3. What digital activity is going on within the market we play in.

4. What digital tools suit our business/marketing strategy given the past three questions?

For marketing plans and strategy that integrate digital marketing, contact Team Marketing.

Team Marketing is an Australian boutique marketing services provider.

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