Marketing followers versus real leadership

There are few marketing leaders in each sector. Example, retail. How many retail business use the same marketing tools. These tools being, seasonal or stocktake sales, customer loyalty schemes and the same POS (point-of-sale) methods.
Walking through retail outlets and malls it’s quite common these days to see a large red and white or white and black sale sign up on the front window of numerous clothing stores. At times it feels like not having a sales sign is a way of differentiation among the pack.

The word “sale” in retail can be translated to “what other people don’t want to buy.” I learned this while completing my traineeship at Myer. Most high-value items are never discounted. Although that last sentence maybe comparing oranges with apples. There have been numerous Australian women’s retails brands depart the industry over the past several years. I suspect few created innovative marketing initiatives to support their passion for producing wonderful designs.

I completed a case study into these brands with a group of guys in our final year studying Marketing at Monash. We got a marketing, economic and business insight into this industry, that we would usually take for granted. Brands we looked at included, Collette Dinnigan, Lisa Ho, Zimmerman, and Zayt.

The retail experience is also fairly similar within these stores. Rooms are full of clothes, background music, and an assistant.

Fortunately I have had the privilege to travel and retail experiences that stand out for me include – Lego stores in Copenhagen (the home of Lego), where their products are featured as they take over a fifth of the store (that’s a huge green dragon that meanders through the roof and wall, an Apple store in NYC during 2004 that had huge space, a lecture theatre for lessons and a translucent central staircase.

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